Joban123 playing with Motorstorm ... and Weebly

I introduced sort columns on the ranking pages (fastest, all summed and player summed).
You can sort by position (like it was), by player names (in case you have difficulties finding yourself) or by deathrank (axe will love me for this :D ).
If you click twice on a column, the sort order is reverted.

As always you can access this feature directly by URL. For example you can see "Axe's Deadliest Deathcount Leaderboard" here:

Or, if you want to know how many deaths the_axecutioner died, this would help you:
The possible sort orders are "pos", "rpos", "racer", "rracer", "deaths and "rdeaths", where the leading additional "r" means - you guessed it - reverse order.

Have fun clicking around - my server eagerly awaits your workload :)


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