Joban123 playing with Motorstorm ... and Weebly

Finaly I found the time to give the Motorstorm Apocalypse Races Leaderboards the final polish.

Some minutes ago I deleted all test data and released the new features on the public site
So, go ahead and test it. This is your chance to be the first to enter race times!

Direct link to insert race times:

Whats new? Well, too much for me to list here in detail, so let me say it like this: all you could do with time attack times you can now do with races times.
So, how can we compare online 2 lap perks races with offline 3 laps without perks? Of course we can't.
That is why there is one category for each combination of online/offline, perks/no perks for 1-9 laps. But I expect 2 or 3 laps with perks to be the most popular.

Some things that might need explanation:
  • With race leaderboards I use the title of the leaderboard to show if it is online or offline, perks or no perks and how many laps. If you want to change the mode, e.g from 2 laps to 3 laps, enter it in the title box and click on the exclamation mark button.
  • The statistics link now contains a section for MS:A races where you can see how many new times were entered recently
  • The new default page changed from MS:PR to MS:A Fastest Vehicles Summed because I assume it is more popular now

Now to the most important part:
It was a hard fight, but now I am in facebook. You can find me as Joban OneTwo-Three
Any motorstorm racer, feel free to send a friend request.
Also, you will notice I figured out how to offer a like button :-)



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